It’s Fan Friday folks! Anything going on lately…?!

It’s been a historic week for the Jets here in the United Kingdom, as they announced the launch of a joint Jets and Bears NFL Girls Flag League – the first ever girls-only flag league on this side of the pond.

At an awesome event in London on International Women’s Day, speakers including CJ Uzomah, Chase Claypool, Hannah Wilkes and Phoebe Schecter discussed women’s participation in sport and how the league will look to improve opportunities for young women getting started on their NFL journey.

Find out more on our Girls Flag page listed above, and there will be plenty more content to come from CJ’s visit to our shores!

We also have a brand new sweepstakes live on our website – check out the Fan Zone for your chance to win a limited edition helmet signed by all four Jets Pro Bowlers: Sauce Gardner, Quinnen Williams, CJ Mosley and Justin Hardee.

Anything we’re missing from this week? 🤔

Let’s get stuck into our latest Fan Friday feature, which profile John, a long-time Jets fan from Northamptonshire!

  • Name: John Tyas
  • Twitter handle: N/A
  • Location in UK: Rushton, Northamptonshire
  • Jets fan since: Jets fan since 1965, when my family arrived in New York having emigrated from England.
  • First Jets memory: My first Jets memory was being given a Jets uniform, including shoulder pads and helmet for Christmas that year.
  • Favourite Jets memory: My favourite Jets memory was watching Joe Willie and the Jets beat the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III, on our first black and white TV set!
  • Ever visited MetLife? If so, what’s the story?: Never been to Metlife, but I watched the Jets at Wembley Stadium in 2015 in London when they beat the Fins, and again in 2021 when they lost to the Falcons.
  • Favourite current Jet (and why?): I am so pumped about the 2021 rookie class, it’s hard to pick a favourite, but I also have a lot of respect for Q and CJ!
  • Favourite all-time Jet (and why?): All time has got to be Joe Willie Namath. He’s the first Jet I remember. I left NY in 1972, and lost touch with the Jets until NFL games started to appear on TV here in 1981. I was an expert then, and got asked a lot about it as it was so popular…now there are fans here that know more about the game than me!

Thanks to John for taking the time to answer our questions and for his amazing long-time support of the Jets!

For anyone who would like to be featured, please get in contact with us via DM on Twitter or via the email address listed below! Have a great weekend!