We’re counting down the days now until the start of the 2023 NFL Draft, and here at New York Jets UK we want to make sure you don’t miss a second of the action.

What is the NFL Draft?

The NFL Draft is an annual event, which provides the most common route into the league for new players. Eligible players must be at least three years removed from high school, with the overwhelming majority of players selected out of the US collegiate system.

Since 2015, the location of the draft has changed each year, with the 2023 edition taking place in Kansas City, Missouri. Since 2010, the draft has been a three day event, starting on a Thursday and ending on a Saturday.

Teams are given a position in the draft order in reverse of their win-loss record from the previous season, meaning the worst team in the league picks first and the Super Bowl champion picks 32nd.

Teams can trade picks, either for current players on a different team and/or to try to accumulate a greater quantity of picks belonging to other teams. The draft comprises of seven rounds, with around 250 total players selected, depending on the exact number of ‘compensatory picks’ which changes each year.

What time is the NFL Draft?

The first two days of the draft take place at night in the United States, making it the early hours of the morning for fans here in the UK.

Round 1 starts at 8pm Eastern Time on Thursday 27th April, which is 1am British Summer Time on Friday morning here in the UK. There is no exact timing for when each round finishes, as teams get up to 10 minutes to make their selection, but it typically takes close to three hours.

Rounds 2 and 3 will start at 7pm Eastern Time on Friday 28th, which is midnight for fans in the UK.

The final day, including rounds 4-7, will start at 12pm Eastern Time on Saturday 29th, which is 5pm for fans in the UK.

When do the Jets make their selections?

Round 1, Pick 13

Round 2, Pick 42

Round 2, Pick 43

Round 4, Pick 112

Round 5, Pick 143

Round 6, Pick 207

How can I watch the NFL Draft?

The Sky Sports Action Channel will be the home for all of the live broadcasts during the week of the draft, with coverage of every round.

Neil Reynolds, Phoebe Schecter and former Vikings GM Rick Spielman will all be live from Kansas City for Round 1, with the channel also airing Good Morning Football and Total Access throughout the week.

Live coverage begins from 8pm on Thursday night, with the first round beginning at 1am UK time.

Current subscribers of NFL Game Pass also have the option to watch the draft through the Game Pass International home page. With the service moving to a new provider for the 2023 season, if you are not a current subscriber then Sky will be the home of the live action.

How else can I follow the action?

Radio broadcaster TalkSport will also be covering Round 1 of the NFL Draft live, with Will Gavin joined by Shane Vereen and a host of guests to break down the night’s action.

You can tune in by radio, on the app, smart speaker or their website:

The Jets UK social media channels and website will also keep you up to date on the team’s selections, with live coverage of the Jets draft party in MetLife Stadium during round one, plus a special surprise to come on Saturday during round four…